Pool Room Etiquette, Revisited

Hello everyone! In an earlier post that I made in the past, I show the rules and the proper behavior of what to do and how to act in a pool hall or whatever establishments that has pool tables or any form of gaming that’s open to the public for people to use and to enjoy themselves.

Pool Hall Etiquette

Well, I was in a family fun center called Round One Entertainment that has not only pool tables, but a bowling alley, ping-pong tables, darts, karaoke and arcade machines. What stood out to me was a sign about these rules where it reminded me of that earlier post and took a picture of those rules that you can see above. This would be a revised version of the earlier post which goes into more detail.

I know that the image is difficult to read. I have provided what the rules state from left to right:

  • Do not Eat or Drink on the Tables.
    • Keep Food and Beverages on the tables provided. Spills cause damage which result in charges that may require the customer to pay.
  • Respect Other Players.
    • No Hustling: Stand away from the table when others are shooting. Don’t talk loud, yell, or disturb other players. Avoid unsolicited “coaching”.
  • Do Not Sit on the tables.
    • Doing so can throw the billiard table out of balance, cause the rails to loosen, and scratch the finish. Use the mechanical bridge for any shot you cannot play from a standing position.
  • Keep One Foot on the Floor.
    • Excessive leaning, or full body weight on a table will upset the balance.
  • Respect the Equipment.
    • Do not lean on, bend, or treat the cues in a manner other than for normal play. This causes the cues to warp and affect game play.
  • Clean your area.
    • Try to keep your area clean of spills and messes. As we are not a full service facility, please bus your table when done so others can have a clean area to start with.
  • Respect the Room.
    • Return all equipment to its proper location, so others can find what they need.
  • No Jump (Masse) Shots Allowed.
    • While exciting and cool, these cause damages to the table felt, warp the cue and waste tips.

I thought that I would share it here, and hope that you like it. Feel free to share your thoughts about these rules. And, I look forward to seeing you again in another post. Cheers!

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