Pool Table Cleaning Brush

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. For this post I am going to be going over a review on a billiard accessory Pool Table Brushthat you can use which can benefit you as well. It’s pool table brush that I found on another site that’s from It is called the Outlaw 10.5″ Horsehair Pool Table Brush.


  • Price: $16.95
  • Color: Oak with Outlaw designs and logo
  • Size: 10.5″
  • Use: To Clean Pool Tables


This pool table brush features the traditional Outlaw logo and branding with a 10.5-inch hourglass shaped handle and dual length horse hair bristles for cleaning the billiards table bed as well as underneath the table rails. Keeping your pool table clean not only improves its appearance, it also preserves the life of the cloth.


This pool table brush has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 4 customers who have purchased this product. It also has a 100% recommendation. None of those 4 customers rated this product below 4 stars.

There were no negative reviews other than maybe that it has minimal impact to the table’s felt. I want to mention that I don’t have any experience with this product, but since it’s my first product to promote on Pooldawg, I thought I’d recommend this one since it has a 100% recommendation.


I hope that you enjoyed this product, if so, please share this on social media. I also hope that you can recommend this product to others as well. If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions regarding this pool table brush, feel free to add them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to reply back as quickly as I can. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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    thank you for publishing in-depth article about pool table cleaning brush. I am a big fan of playing pool table. The only problem is that I am not really good lol. Nevertheless pool table cleaning brush is a must for everyone who has pool table. The cost is reasonable. I will share to with my friends.

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      Hi Karlo! Yes, I would agree that this brush is a definite necessity to getting out must of the dust off any forms of billiards tables. It’s ok if you’re not a professional at playing this game as I consider myself a non-professional also. I am also appreciative that you’re sharing this with your friends. I hope to interest them in any of the products that I have on this site. Cheers!

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    Well Armand, you have put a lot of interesting posts on your site many variations of gaming. You had me hooked so I had to go right through your site.
    Regarding the Pool cleaning brush for a Billiard table is very important as any debris can change the direction of the cue ball. What made you do a post on this item, I have no idea but it is definitely a winner. It is the sort of accessory folk forget about except you !!!
    Your attention to detail is very profesional, leaving no stone unturned. You have covered every question that may have been asked, the price is very reasonable. The size of 10.5″ does not give it justice on the image, you comment it is made of horsehair which is very good quality, only 4 reviews but all positive which gives you more confidence to buy.
    The cloth on a billiard table must be looked after and you state that this brush does preserve the cloth, this tells me every owner should have this brush.
    For one item, your post and image is clear, constructive, easy to read and understand, you have build a very informative website from September 2015, it is easy to navigate round. Hoping you continue with success.

    Thank you,

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      Thank you for a thoughtful reply, John! I appreciate it. In my posts, I always try to put as much thoughts as I can when it comes to billiards and gaming. One thing to point out is that when I conduct products to promote, I always try to look at not only for the top quality products, but from an audience/customer’s point of view. Like, I ask myself “how does this benefit me in the long term?” I didn’t know that this pool brush is an overlooked item from customers, and since you mentioned it, I might focus on that when I promote my next item. I feel that you’re right in saying that this brush that every owner should not be without one as I consider this brush one of the most highly recommended products.

      Once again, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I will continue to try to make my site stand out as best I can. Here’s hoping to much success in the days, years to come. Cheers!


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