Pool Table Drills: The L

Hello, and welcome to another one of my posts in relating to billiards. I am going to share with you a pool technique cue ballsthat you can use to gain an insight to one of the techniques of pool. This is going to be called the L Drill. As I was trying to find something to go write about for a form of gaming that’s more suitable for this site, I found this on YouTube and decided to share it.

To give a short explanation of what this L Drill is about, all of the pool balls would need to be placed in an L formation on the pool table starting from the middle of one side of the table. What needs to be done next is to place the balls about two inches apart, then start to make the horizontal line for the balls. Place these two inches apart as well. After this, you can place the cue ball next to the balls and hit each of them into the same corner pocket as the last one. This would make for a great strategy technique to practice hitting balls in the pocket quickly and easily. Also, with enough practice, you can master this move during a one-on-one tournament play should the situation call for it.

I have provided a YouTube video below to show how this is done. Please share this on social media, and feel free to add any comments, questions, or thoughts that you may have in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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    Pretty impressive and useful. Thanks for the post. I enjoy playing pool. It is very relaxing. But I am not very good with my control and fundamentals.
    This drill will surely help. Not to mention repetition is very important to getting better usually.
    Funny the guy on the video acts like he is not good. But he did a pretty good job

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      Thanks for commenting, Vertical Veloxity! I am grateful that you enjoyed this post. Just like you, I enjoy playing pool as I it is a hobby of mine, and yes, relaxing as well. Hopefully this post can help you with control as it has helped others. I will continue to post anything that is in relation to billiards and gaming especially about products and how-to’s like this post. Of course, repetition is key and more importantly to practice, practice, PRACTICE! Feel free to stop by anytime. Cheers!

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    As a golf nut myself, you can’t do enough constructive practice. Use a similar routine on the putting green.
    Using the video is a great idea! I was struggling to envisage the exact layout for the L drill. Play a little snooker here in the UK and control of the cue ball makes all the difference.

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      Hello Pete! Thanks for the comment. I feel that this L-drill would make a good strategy in playing golf as well. I felt that my description might leave readers kind of confused. So, I decided to to add the video for more of a visual clarification. I am hoping that this will end your struggles and make your game better. We should definitely have a game of snooker one of these days. Before we do, we can first warm up by doing this L-drill.

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    This is a great way to practice your pool skills! Not that you need much practice if the video is anything to go by…
    The part I find I need most practice in is getting the white to land exactly where I need it to, do you have any tips or tutorials on this matter?

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      Hi Neil! This is definitely one technique to perfect pool skills. It takes time to become a professional pool player, so I feel that this is one of the best ways to practice. As for tips and tutorials in regards to pool, I do have a review on a pool book that you can benefit from that shows how to “break the rack” and shows how you can become a better billiards player overall. I hope this helps. Cheers!

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