Replacement Croquet Balls

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Regulation Size Croquet Balls by Oakley Woods Croquet

Anyhow, in an earlier post I talked about the Extreme Croquet Mallet that you can check out. In today’s post, I’ll be going over a replacement croquet balls that can make a good item pairing with that extreme mallet.

About the croquet balls

Introducing the Regulation Size Croquet Balls. I found this on Amazon, and it has mostly favorable reviews. In addition, here are the additional information about this product and where to obtain it:

  • Price: $88.95 + $30.10 shipping
  • Where to buy:
  • 6 Regulation size balls (3-5/8″ diameter)
  • Double milled surface for better performance
  • Rugged & solid polymer construction
  • Perfect weight for recreational play (12 ounce)
  • Regulation “First Colors” – blue, red, black & yellow PLUS green & orange
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 9 inches ; 7 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B001MQ2STW

Item summary

This product measures at 3-5/8″. It is the official full size croquet ball as specified by all national associations. Its double milled surface ensures that it responds perfectly to players input.

The 12 ounce weight has been developed specifically for use with mallets weighing between 2 lb and 2 lb, 10 oz, such as the Grange, Sport and Extreme mallets that’s supported by Oakley Woods Croquet.

This set includes all 6 available recreational colors (1 of each): blue, red, black, yellow, green & orange.

You’ll find a perfect replacement ball with this product especially for owners that uses 3’5/8″ balls.

The testimonials

The rating of this product is at 4.3 stars out of 5. Also worth noting is that at the time of me writing this post, there were 10 customers who purchased this product and gave testimonials to their feedback of using this item.

To quote one of the customers, one of them said, “These croquet balls are of the highest quality, and I can’t imagine how we ever played without them.”

Another satisfied customer said, “We got them for our son’s wedding and they were a great choice.”

As with most of my products that I promote, I always put the best ones to date on this site. Because of the rating of this product, I felt that this product is worthy to be promoted here. If you are not satisfied with this product for whatever reason, you can return it to Amazon within 30 days of receiving it. Always make sure to hang on to the receipt, and Amazon will refund your money.

In closing…

I hope that you liked this review and found it informative. If you would like the complete croquet set that includes the mallet, balls, etc. I have done a review on that where you can click here to read more.

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