Round Dart Sharpener

Perhaps you’ve been shooting darts that’s embedded on a board made of cherry wood that I have done a review on for quite some time. Or, perhaps you have were shooting darts on any kind of dartboard for quite some time. In any event, there might be instances when the darts, especially the ones made of steel, would very likely loose its sharpness to stay attached to the board. This can also lead to just bouncing off the dartboard after being thrown.

What I have here is something that can make your steel-made darts to be sharp again, and closely being used as new once again without having to purchase another set of new darts. What I have here is called the Round Dart Sharpener by US Darts. I have found this on Amazon, and I would hope that this would make your experience with shooting darts an enjoyable one.

About the round dart sharpener

As stated earlier, this sharpener is made for the the steel-darts with a rounded tip. To add a more of a description, here is what you can expect from this:

  • Round Dart Sharpener
  • Essential for keeping darts sharp when playing on used or dry boards
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B0006GRBDW


This round dart sharpener received a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 from the mostly satisfied customers on Amazon. That 4.3 rating and the price tag of $3.66 was enough for me to be convinced that this product would make a worthy purchase to go along with your steel darts.

One reviewer stated this product as “It might more correctly be called a ‘burr remover’ than a ‘sharpener.'”

Another reviewer stated, “It does the job and the price seems fair and the shipping was very fast.”

So, in essence, this is very suitable for darts players that are using the the steel-types.

As for critical reviews, one reviewer stated that the price to too expensive, and another stated that the product arrived as being “broken”. If you have a defective product, the company will have a free replacement if you return it within 2 weeks (no questions asked).

About US Darts

The manufacturer of the round dart sharpener, US Darts, started as an Ohio-based company which has been serving the World on the Internet since 1998. They are currently located in Montana.

With some exceptions they only sell their own branded products. This means that you are not paying distributors who simply mark up the price before selling their products to you.


I hoped you have enjoyed reading this review on round dart sharpener for darts made of steel. If so, please share on social media. And, if you have any comments, thoughts, or questions go ahead and add them in the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by.

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    Hi Armand, I’ve playing billiard before, also ever tried snooker when i was in college. But never seen this sharpener, it might be good durability rather the blue cheap box sharpener.

    I thought your sites was specified to billiard games in depth, but still interesting to have more table game to be around.


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      Hello Marinus Kevin K! Thanks for the reply. I have never tried snooker before. Though I would be open to playing it sometime. It looks like a fun game to play. This sharpener should be a necessity for people that are playing darts to keep it running like (almost) new.

      My focus on this site is geared towards billiards AND other forms of gaming as you can see in my About Me page. I hope that I have interested you or anyone that you know about this site.


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    Hi Armand, this’s cool stuff. It should bring me tremendous of convenience to ensure my darts staying at a tip top condition. Round dart sharpener seems so handy, light-weight and I was really surprise there’s one critical review mentioning how “expensive” this sharpener is. By the way, thanks Armand for bringing me this cool stuff. 2 quick questions, is Amazon the best place to buy this round dart sharpener? Are there any other sites that I can have the best buy there?

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      Hello Kiev, and thanks for the comment. To answer your second question, an alternative to buying this item would be Ebay as I saw the price at $.99. Since Amazon is a highly trusted place to shop, I thought of finding items from there to promote on this site. I hope this dart sharpener will make the game of shooting darts that much more fun. Enjoy!

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