Sinking the 8 Ball on the Break

Hi folks! I have a question to ask you all. In a game of 8-ball (stripes vs. solids), Have you ever thought or wished to sink the 8-ball during the break? Well, depending on the region you’re from, you can either win or lose the game if the 8 ball is potted before you drop a solid or striped ball. However, since you don’t have any dedicated balls during the break, the potted 8-ball would be considered an automatic winner in most instances. I have found a link to show how this is performed. Keep in mind that this move is quite difficult to master, and it takes much practice and trial and error to be able to accomplish this as many times as desired.


In addition, I have provided a short video on how this is performed to get a better idea and understanding. You can see that below.

Well, this is as much as I can say about this post. I hope that that it works out for you. Please share this on social media, and as always, please share your experiences, comments, or questions in regards to this post. I thank you for stopping by, and look forward to what you all have to say. Cheers!

->Click here to learn how to sink the 8-ball on the break<-


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    Hey Armand,
    That was a nice technique on how to pot the number 8 ball in one single shot. I am an avid fan of this game. I love to play billiards during my spare time. At home I have my personal billiard table and whenever I get I chance I play with it. Sometimes with friends but most of the time all by myself and it serves me well. I like your site I have learned some extra points on how to play like a Pro. I would mark your website and maybe I could get some more idea.

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      Hi Cris! Thanks so much for commenting on here. I’m glad to know that you’re an avid fan of playing pool. If you’re interested, you can check out a book on how to play pool where it shows how to become a better billiard player. Who knows? You may learn a thing or two on how to get an edge while playing in a tournament. I appreciate that you bookmarked my site, and I’ll continue to add more relevant info on this site. Cheers!


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    This is one of the most unique articles I have seen here. I rarely see any topics with regards to billiards. I love playing billiards when I was in HS but stopped when I started olympic lifting. And that is a great tip on how to sink that 8 ball on a break. Very nice layout on your site and great contents. I have it bookmarked too!

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      Hello Marc! I appreciate your comment on this post. I guess I’m one of the few people that provides topics about billiards. Maybe I can guide you into playing the game of billiards again. Hopefully, you can master this technique about potting the 8-ball on the break of the rack. All it takes is practice and dedication. Thanks so much for stopping by. There will be more posts to follow in some amazing shots. Hopefully, I’ll hear from you again. Cheers!

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    Ha Ha Really enjoyed that.

    I must admit I have always been a fan of pool and Snooker and love to watch it.

    When it comes to playing I am not so hot though i will confess!

    I always new the potting of the Black on the break was a winner yet I have never seen it done before. Amazing eh 🙂

    And he made it look so easy too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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      Thanks for the comment, Chris! You’re not alone in the “professional” side of playing pool and snooker as I consider myself not a professional in playing either. Yes, it is amazing when the 8-ball is potted during the break, however this is such a rare event that’s not seen very often. It must take many years of practice for an astute professional to have this happen to him/her. I would like to have this happen to me one of these days. But, I don’t think that’s possible. Hey, one can wish right? Anyways, thanks for stopping by.


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