Snooker Billiards Game – A Different Version of Pool for You to Play

Here’s a different of pool that may be of interest to you: Snooker. Though I have never played this game, I would Snooker Ballsalmost be certain that I would enjoy playing this as I was fascinated with playing pool at a young age, and I thought to myself, “Why not add some variety by playing a different billiards game in the form of snooker?”

Well, as it turns out. It’s not all that different. The only discrepancies I see here is that there are no numbered balls, and the table looks wider where the side pockets seem to be farther apart as compared to the original billiards table. 

Snooker Table

Since I am a fan of playing the traditional billiards, I hope to give a shot of playing this version of pool sometime in the near future. Snooker is what I call a “cast-out” because I rarely see this kind in pool halls, and when I do, it’s often overlooked by me.

When I get together with friends to play a game of billiards we would just stick with the traditional game of pool, and play some “stripes vs. solids” as this version of pool would just be passed up. It seems that there are more regular pool tables than snooker tables in pool halls.

Once I become familiar with snooker I will go into greater depth about what it’s about and what are my recommendations about it. Also, please add any comments or feedback as I would try my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

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