Street Hockey Sticks for Kids

Needing a high quality set of hockey sticks for kids? Well, look no further. In this post I am going to go over a quality Street Hockey Sticks and highly reviewed set of street hockey sticks that I found on Amazon for kids to play on the street, the roadway of your house, or the backyard. It’s called the Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1020 Power Force Hockey Stick.

This street hockey stick is labeled as a “Junior-size” and being used for right handed players according to Amazon for the measurement as being 52 inches. There’s also a “youth” size where it measures at 40 inches. You also have an option of picking an orientation to have the stick to be used with either the right or the left hand.

About this street hockey stick

This street hockey stick can only be played on any hard surfaces excluding ice and can be used to hit standard hockey pucks. In addition to this, here is what you can expect from this item:

  • Multi-ply poplar/birch shaft
  • Replaceable high-impact polymer blade
  • Features molded Shot-Zone blade grip texture
  • National Hockey League License
  • Colors May vary
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B00O2URML4
  • Item model number: 12108F52RS-Parent


The junior size of this street hockey stick has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 34 Amazon customers that purchased this item. This rating has convinced me that this street hockey stick is worthy of being “promotable” on this site. The customers were happy with this item for “lasting a long time after many uses of play.” Other responses were that this “hockey stick helps with balance and helps divert the focus initially from the mechanics of learning to skate by just skating to play a game.” This is to say that it can also help with hand/eye coordination.

The Franklin Company

The Franklin Company (Franklin Sports) has been in business since 1946 where they are affiliated with baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL), football (NFL), soccer (MLS), Disney, Brine, Collegiate Products, and Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). The company also specializes in indoor family games such as darts, billiards, and arcade basketball. Also, they specialize in outdoor family games as well such as badminton, croquet, volleyball, tether-ball, and bean bag toss. I am going to go over most of these games in future posts.

In conclusion

I am hoping that you are satisfied with this review about the street hockey stick. It has the highest review on Amazon which is also the highest rated item that’s the most affordable. Please add any comments/replies/feedback to this post, and I’ll respond promptly to you. Thanks for stopping by.

->Click here for the Street Hockey Stick from Franklin Sports<-


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    Hi there,

    I’m glad I came across your site, I was actually talking with my nephew who is a league player but has started to become interested in hockey!

    His birthday isn’t til later on in the year but who knows he might do well in school and therefore I can surprise him with this. Probably best to buy two so he has someone to try and learn hockey with. Lets just hope he doesn’t swing the wrong way.

    Great information and affordable price 🙂

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for commenting on my site, Layne!

      I hope that this kind of hockey stick would make your nephew a good hockey player and score more points which can lead to have hours of fun when using/playing with this. I look forward to hearing your review in the future about this item, and yes, let’s hope that he doesn’t swing the wrong way.


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