Mini Folding Pool Table

I am introducing a pool table that’s more of a “foldable” type. This kind of pool table is something that I have the Mini Folding Pool Tablemost familiarity with from years back. It’s a mini pool table set that you can have fun with that doesn’t take too much space as compared to a regular pool table. It’s called the Mini Folding Pool Table by CHH. This pool table measures at 3.5 ft and is made particularly for kids.

I have seen this pool table on Amazon and it retails for $154.27. It has a very high rating, and I feel that this is a product that is worthy enough to be promoted on this site.

About this mini folding table

Here is what you can expect from this product:

  • Measures 44W x 24D x 29H inches
  • Includes real billiard balls
  • 2 billiard cues, rack, brush, and chalk
  • Foldable legs for easy moving
  • Netted pockets
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Product Dimensions: 47 x 26 x 6 inches ; 43 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 43 pounds
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B0192H7UUY

Product description

Whether it’s something for the kids or when a full-sized table just isn’t an option, this product would make a good asset to any sized game room. The mini pool balls are made of high quality, the mini cues make for an authentic feel and play. Whether you’re a seasoned chess pro or just an occasional dabbler in table games, CHH Games has your number. The folks at CHH have been manufacturing and distributing everything from mahjong to roulette for years, making them a go-to source for compact, travel, budget, and premium-quality game sets.

And if standard chess pieces and the like aren’t exciting enough for you, CHH games has scores of specialty figures to choose from. Anything to delight the senses and the mind. Measures 44W x 24D x 29H inches. Includes real billiard balls which are of the mini type; 2 billiard cues, rack, brush, and chalk. It also has foldable legs for easy moving and comes fully assembled.


This product has a review of 4.7 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers. The satisfied customers mentioned that it was generally made for kids and it “plays just like on a real pool table, but smaller”. Because the rating is close to a 5.0, I feel that this product is worthy enough to promote here on this post and on this site. And, since I have some familiarity with a similar product, I would say that the reviews are spot on and would make a recommendation on this product.

The only difference between this and the one that I used to own is that the felt was a blue color, the pockets fell in a shoot, and it didn’t come with a chalk (the cue sticks were made of a plastic white tip which didn’t need it). Since I like that authentic feel (which I hope would as well) of rubbing that chalk cube on my cue stick, I would recommend this instead.

About CHH

The CHH Company is from Arcadia, CA and has been in business since 1983, and their goal is to make the best and highest quality products that it can offer. They want to make sure that like and are satisfied with their products and hope that they become repeat customers. This company also specialize in not only mini folding pool tables, but also mini air hockey tables, Chinese checkers, backgammon, globes, and gumball machines. These are only a few items to mention. If you have any questions about any of their products you can contact them by phone or email support that is provided on their webpage.

In conclusion…

If you’re planning on purchasing a mini version of the pool table, make it this one. It doesn’t take up too much much space and you’re sure to be having hours of fun with this. If you have any comments/feedback/questions about this post, please add them to the comments section, and I’ll reply back in kind. Thanks!

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    Glad i came across your site. My sons have always wanted a pool table and think it is something they will enjoy. We don’t have that much space in our house so i think this one will be perfect. Might get this for my sons birthday. Enjoyed reading your information on the pool table. And i like that it comes fully assembled! As i would struggle putting it together

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      Hi Jenny, and thanks for commenting on my site. I know that some some homes might not have enough space for a regular sized billiards table was thinking for the best alternatives out there. This seems like that it fits the bill as the best possible alternative. I hope that if you do decide to get this item that you’ll contact me and tell me your experiences with this folding pool table as I am eager to find out. Take care.


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    Hello Armand if I had a billiards question I would seek you out for sure. Everything that you need to know about billiards is here even extra gaming equipment. I think the best addition to your site is the “how to” section. This should be a requirement on most sites. But hey who am I? What I can do is thank you for adding it to website. This gives a good overview on how much it will be to purchase and play billiards.

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      Hi Sherry, and thanks for commenting on my site. I always try and add anything of value to my website. I didn’t know that many other websites don’t have a “how-to” section on how to do things. I guess I don’t really pay much attention towards that. Yes, you can seek me out about billiards anytime. Just drop on by to add a comment or just say hello. I look forward to hearing from you again in the future. Take care!


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