The Queen of Billiards

Ruth McGinnis, Circa 1932

Hi folks! I was trying to find famous people who played the game of billiards and found a player by the name of Ruth McGinnis. She is the so-called, Queen of Billiards who became a shooting pool sensation at the age of 10. As the left-hander got older, she started to become noticed from people for her playing ability where she’s beating out her opponents left and right.

Before there was The Black Widow, there’s Dr. McGinnis.

Hailing from Washington D.C., Dr. McGinnis played pool where billiards was a very popular sport in the 1920s to 1940s. These days, the popularity of the sport is dwindling, and I am trying to find a way where it can go back to the glory days. Maybe, I’ll have to be as good as Dr. McGinnis to get the sport to be out in the open again, not just in pool halls.

You can check out how Dr. McGinnis became The Queen of Billiards. You can also share your thoughts in the comments box below. Also, please share this on social media. I’ll see in the next post. Cheers!

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    Very interesting article! A lot of fun to read. When ever I think of pool players (or is it billiards?) I always think of the male players. Minnesota Fats, Willie Mosconi and the likes. I certainly know that there have been many great female players, they just aren’t the first ones to pop into my head. I would love to read more on the female greats, what are so resources you can recommend? Or are you planning on writing more yourself?

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      Hi there, David! Thanks for replying to this post. Yes, there are female billiards/pool (I use the term pool and billiards interchageably) that are out there that are quite well-known. It seems that the male players are more well known. To answer your questions, there is a good site about female pool players that you can check out. Also, I would recommend checking out YouTube videos as well. One worth watching is Kelly Fisher vs. Jeanette Lee.

      I will continue to be writing posts on famous and historical players. I haven’t done a post based on a profile on a male player yet. I’ll be doing a post on Efren Reyes soon. Stay tuned…


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