Trick Shot for Billiards

I have seen some amazing shots on television (mostly on the ESPN Network) where aBilliard Trick Shots professional trick ball shooter hits the cue ball in a way that’s not seen by a lot of people, including myself. I’ve been fascinated by how these people make these shots. Although, it’s possible to do, but there’s a very slim chance that I’ll be able to accomplish this form of technique anytime soon.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it may take me years to become a professional trick ball shooter, let alone perfect one trick shot. I always find myself trying to mimic a player that I see on television make the cue ball curve or try to hit three other balls to go in separate pockets with one hit of the cue ball. The one trick I have always wanted to perfect was hitting a cue ball where it “skips” by bouncing over a ball and hitting another ball to go in a pocket.

These are just some examples of the many forms of trick shots that are out there. I have included a video below that I like to share that shows the many forms of trick shots. I hope you like them, and please share a techniques of trick shot(s) that you may have. Or, you can add any feedback/comments in the comments section, and I would gladly reply back. Thanks.

To your billiards enjoyment.



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    Growing up we played a lot of ‘pool’ – there was a table in most pubs! In fact we’d spend most of our Friday nights challenging each other. We’d all put some money on the side of the table, put our names on the chalk board and wait to play. The overall winner would always get a lot of free drinks! Looking back however, it was always the same 2/3 players who won those drinks!
    If only I had a few trick shots perhaps I would have won those drinks a few more times 🙂

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      Hi Boyo. Thanks for sharing your experience. If only I was there to cheer you on. Maybe you could’ve won, and luck would have gone on your side. There’s a book that I’ve done a review on that you can check out that’s made of paperback material. It guides you from being a novice to a seasoned professional billiards player. Who knows? You might have won a few games which would have lead to a few drinks coming your way.



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    This is an awesome post! I have always wanted to learn a billiards trick shot myself. I really like that you provided a video as I am a visual learner and many other people are too. I am going to try and learn to master one of these shots so I can impress the ladies 😉

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      Hi Evan. Thanks for the comment. I hope you do impress the ladies with any trick shot, and let me know how you did and how it works out, yea? Good luck. =)

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