Wall Cue Rack

Hello everyone! I welcome you to my site, and today I’ll be going over a billiards product that I’m promoting on this site. It is about a wall rack that you can use to store your cues. This is efficient if your pool or game room has limited space.

Pool Cue Rack (Medium Oak wood finish) by Wooden Mallet

Cue Rack Description

Introducing the Pool Cue Rack by Wooden Mallet. This type of cue rack is made of medium oak wood and is found on Amazon. In addition, I have added more descriptions of what this product entails:

  • Price: $55.54
  • Where to buy: Amazon.com
  • Made in US
  • Add a professional and classic touch to your billiards room today with Wooden Mallet’s pools cue rack
  • Our rack stores and displays up to 10 poodle cues, easily and safely
  • It is the perfect way to keep your game room neat and looking great
  • This space-efficient rack is great for game rooms with limited space
  • Our cue rack has a user-friendly style making it easy to install


This product’s rating is at 5 out of 5 stars from 4 verified customers. Here are what 2 of those customers had to say in regards to this product:

It is worth pointing out that Amazon is dedicated to your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your purchase of this product in any way, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of receiving this cue rack. Amazon will try to make everything right to have you as a returning and regular customer of their company.

In Closing

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