Warp Resistant Cue

Hello everyone! In today’s post, I’ll go over a cue that is sure to prevent warping. Are you in need of one? If so, then look no further. This product can be used sparingly as a backup in addition to your favorite cue.

Warp Resistant Fiberglass Cues by Cueter

About the Cues

These are a used product that can be found on eBay. In addition, here are additional information in regards to this product:

  • $25 + $8.04 economy shipping
  • Where to buy: eBay
  • eBay item number: 254893902714
  • Cueter Warp Resistant Fiberglass, Excalibur, Valley Standard 18s Pool Cues
  • Condition is used and has marks and scratches

The Seller

As you can see above, the person selling this is, I believe a woman, by the name of 3033Yvette. The feedback of her products have all been positive. And, if you are not satisfied with your purchase of this product, you may return it, and eBay will return you a refund.

In Closing

I hope that this cue will work for for you and and make your game of shooting pool that much more enjoyable. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say and will see you again in the next post. Cheers!

->Click here for the warp resistant cue

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