Funny Bowling Video

Hi there! For this post I’ll go over something that’s quite unusual about playing the game of pool. I was thinking bowling-poolabout some ideas that are “out of the box” and looked into YouTube and typed in “funny billiards” in the search box. I was scrolling to find the most funny and the most interesting one to promote on this site, and thought of sharing the one that I’ve added below. The video is a friendly competition between Actor Hugh Jackman and Comedian/Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon.

Instead of using cue sticks to hit the balls. Humans are needed instead to be used to “bowl” the cue ball to hit the other balls to fall in a pocket where the balls in this case are replaced with bowling balls. These bowling balls are also decorated to mimic the look of the typical pool balls (ex: 8-ball, solid yellow 1 ball, striped-red 11 ball, etc.).

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