How to Improve Pool Skills

Good day, everyone! If you’re looking to improve your pool skills, I have a book review that can help with that. It Professional Pool Playershows pictures and guidance such as how to position yourself, and it also shows several varieties in holding the cue stick. These are just one of the many ways to improve your pool skills.

I have also seen and included a video down below on YouTube that can show how some of techniques that you can emulate and try for yourself on how to accomplish this. I hope that you are able to master some of the techniques that are being demonstrated.

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    Hey Armand Awesome video i consider myself a pool shark, over the years I have picked up on these very techniques watching others play pool and snooker. I should be a professional if I count the amount of hours spent at the local pub. Great site keep up the good work

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      Thank you, William! I thank you for commenting on this post. I always try to make this site stand out by providing as much honest details as I can on trying to make pool players better. Hopefully, I can entice more pool players like yourself to improve their pool skills as well. Thank you for stopping by as I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!

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    As someone who has always struggled with my abilities at playing pool, I think that a book like this could prove to be quite useful. T
    he video helped to gain a better perspective and helped to elaborate on some specific tips, but I’d like to learn a lot more. Thank you for the recommendation!

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      Hi Jeremy! Thanks for the comment. I always try to find the best products and ideas to post on this site. I hope that if you decide to get this book that you share how this has improved your pool playing. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!


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