How to Rack 9 Ball

Hello everyone! I saw a method on YouTube that can put you at an advantage when 9-Ball Rackingplaying the game of 9-ball. To recap on how to play 9-ball, the object of the game is to win more games against your opponent. In all games, the 9-ball is pocketed before the conclusion of the game which determines the winner.

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to show how the rack is done, and how it is used to have you win more games against your opponent. There are several ways to rack, but in the video below, Brandon Gramse (Brandon Billiard Guy) shows how the rack is used to “pair” the balls together. In this way, the paired balls will go in opposite directions once the rack has been struck (hit). You can see how this is demonstrated below. Also worth mentioning is that I have a similar post on how to rack in 8-ball.

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      Hello Renato! I always try to put the best quality products about billiards and gaming on this site. Not only that, I try to make my site stand out as well like making it easy for visitors coming to this site navigate easily and adding a social media plugin so people can share this site too. Thanks for commenting, and I’ll be adding more products/topics about billiards and gaming. Stay tuned…

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