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Hi there! I hope that each and all of you are well. In this post, I’ll be going over a pool table Pool Table With Accessoriesthat is not too pricey and won’t cost too much of a pretty penny from you. The product is called the Beachcomber Pool Table by Harvil. It is priced at $799 and has mostly favorable reviews.

I found this on Amazon and thinking that this would make for a good product to promote on this site, and who knows? It can also look great for your game room as well. What really caught my eye was that not only the price, but it came with a complete accessory kit as well.

I have done reviews of other pool tables such as one with a chute and one without a chute , and a coin-operated table that you can also check if out.

About the pool table and accessories

Click the image below to get a clearer picture of this product description and table dimensions.

Pool Table With Accessories 2

Here are the details on what this product entails and where you can obtain one for your game room:

  • Price: $799 + free shipping
  • Where to buy:
  • Shipping Weight: 23.6 lbs
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B01MTQPKHU
  • IMPRESSIVELY BUILT WITH A FRESH DESIGN – Harvils indoor billiard table has a fresh and relaxed design thats easy on the eyes. It is made of dense fiber wood and features a smooth playfield made of Tetolon cloth for easy ball movement. Assembled dimensions: 84.3 L x 48.5 W x 31 H inches / Weight: 231.5 pounds.
  • USEFUL and PRACTICAL FEATURES – Notice the care in the details with chrome silver rail corners, strong legs, leg panels, and leg levelers plus rubber bumpers for remarkable ball bounce and return.
  • COMPLETE WITH FREE ACCESSORIES and CLEAR ASSEMBLY MANUAL – Grab a buddy and follow the detailed assembly manual in setting-up this pool table. Then, start playing with the 16 billiard balls including the cue ball, 2 cue sticks, a black triangle, and 2 chalks that comes with the package. There is also a brush to keep the playing surface clean.
  • DAZADI MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and WARRANTY – Your table will arrive with all the necessary parts, without defect and/or shipping damage. Well ship new replacement parts or an entirely new table for free in the event of defect or damage. If you still arent satisfied, youll get a full refund. All our items ship for free to your door, but we also offer in-home delivery and assembly for an added fee. In the 1 year warranty period, we will repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the purchaser.
  • DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED BY HARVIL – All Harvil items are designed and engineered by creative people right here in the USA. We are a family business and we design our products to be enjoyed by family and friends. Even though many of these items are manufactured in Asia, we are proud to have Americans who understand Americans needs bringing our items to life.

Product summary

Fresh and Laid-Back Design
Search no further for a cool pool table. The Beachcomber is made of dense fiber wood that has a stylish wood grain finish and has sturdy legs with leg levelers that remain stable on indoor surfaces. It also boasts of metal chrome rail corners, rubber bumpers that provide good ball bounce and return as well as a Tetolon cloth covered playfield area. It has that relaxed vibe that will both impress and entice family and friends.

Dimensions: 84 L x 48 W x 31 H Inches
Weight: 231.5 Pounds

Ideal for Indoor Use
Harvil’s 7-Foot pool table can be assembled quickly with the aid of a clear assembly manual and is ideally set-up indoors. But don’t stop with just this impressive table, check out our other Beachcomber Game Tables for the complete set.

Complete Unit
The Beachcomber comes with everything you need to play a friendly game of pool:

  • 2 cue sticks
  • 16 billiard balls (including the cue ball)
  • 2 chalks
  • a black triangle
  • a brush to keep your playfield clean 

Customer Reviews

As stated earlier, this product has mostly favorable reviews. The average rating of this product was a 4.7 stars out of 5. There were 10 customers who purchased this item, and one customer stated, “Beautiful table…arrived BEFORE expected arrival date…”

Another favorable reviewer said, “Very nice attractive table and easy to put together.

I would go on the record and say that I have played on this table once before and would say that although it’s not on par with the regular pool table that’s priced like the Fat Cat, this pool table does the job in having a quality play in shooting pool.

If you are unsatisfied in your purchase of this product for whatever reason, Amazon has a 30 day return policy where you can return this pool table and accessories for a refund. Amazon is dedicated to customer satisfaction and just make sure to keep the receipt, and Amazon will make arrangements for you to return and this product.

In closing…

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review of the pool table with accessories. If you did, please share this on social media. Also, feel free to add any thoughts that you come up with in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks so much for stopping by. Cheers!

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    That pool table you’ve suggested seems really classy and professional. I’m sure its worth its price. How would you compare this particular pool table to less expensive ones on the market? It has a very original design compared to the basic one you see in the most of the pubs around here. Looks perfect for a game with your buddies

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      Hello Josh! I thank you for stopping by my site. This pool table is really one of a kind and very leisurely. As to compare this to the less expensive pool tables in the market, I would say that this table is easier to install and made specifically for indoor use (not to be use in bars or other establishments) due to the felt not being designed and prone to scratches as compared to regular commercial pool tables. I hope that I have answered your question. Feel free to get in contact as I look forward to hearing from you again. Cheers!


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    What a great site. I love playing pool.
    The last pool table I purchased was when I converted my hay barn into a man cave. I had them deliver it to the second floor and set it up on an old unfinished wood floor. The place was sold and so was the table, not sure what happened to it. Great times.
    Can a person get different colors?

    1. // Reply

      Hi Bobby! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am glad that you enjoy playing pool. Maybe you can have another man cave once again. If so, this kind of pool table can make a great fit. As to answer your question, unfortunately, it only comes in this (bluish) color. I still hope that I piqued your interest. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. I look forward to hearing from you again. Take care!


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