Ladder Toss Rules

There was a ladder toss game set that I’ve done a review awhile back. Yet, in my recent posts, I have done tutorials on most them except ladder toss. Well, for this post I am going to be including a set of instructions that you can play in .PDF format that you can click here.

As with my other how-to posts on playing games, I am going to be going over a brief history of ladder toss. According to Wikipedia, Ladder toss (also called Ladder golf) was a man by the name of Matt Peterson discovered the game that was being played on campgrounds in the early 1990s and believes it probably originated in such locations. Others speculate that the bola is a stand-in for a live snake, which cowboys in the western United States or caballeros in Mexico used to throw at fences or branches for points.

A “ball and ladder game” had been patented in 2001 by Robert G. Reid, a postman who had played the game with his family for decades before deciding to file for patent in November, 1999. Reid sold his patent to Ladder Golf LLC, recorded in the patent office in March 2005, and the company began manufacturing the game. The company sponsored a tournament in San Diego in April, 2005, featuring 32 teams.

About the Ladder Toss Instructions set

The .PDF format of instructions includes the following: rules, etiquette, how to play, scoring, points, team play, glossary terms, and necessary equipment to play. Once again, you can click here to see what’s needed to play. I am also going to include a video below for you to get a better understanding on how this is done.

In conclusion

I hope that you liked and gained some information reading this post on how to play ladder toss (ladder golf). If so, please share on social media. If you also have any questions or comments, go ahead and add them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours or less. Thanks for reading and stopping by!


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    I like the theme you chose for this site. Very informative and clean cut website. I appreciated how you laid out your information in a clear and concise manner. You managed to place the ads in such a way that it wasn’t annoying or distracting from you main content. Very well done and thought out.

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      Hi Nothando! Thanks for the comment. I always try to make my site and my my posts to be well received with positivity as much as possible. This way I can relate to them on a clear level. I hope to attract more readers as my site progresses.



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