Pool Jump Shot

For this post, I have decided to post another how-to video on another trick shot that you can practice doing on a Focused Jeanette Leebilliards table. This time, instead of the masse and kick shot that I’ve done a post about, this one is just focusing on a jump shot. Also, this jump shot is from a famous pool player by the name of Jeanette Lee, aka The Black Widow. You can check out how she performs this technique down below. The key is to “practice, practice, PRACTICE“.

Well, the video is as self-explanatory as can be. If you like how this move is performed, please share on social media, and leave any thoughts, comments, or questions in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Thanks for stopping by.


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    Thats a cool post, because videos are always great on a post like this to demonstrate how its done. Professionals can be looked to for best instruction. I wonder if these techniques are really duplicatable for the ameteurs. But thats what we all want to do, be like the pros and thats part of the fun of it even for fans. Thanks

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      Hi Andrew! I would like to say thanks for the comment. Yes, videos do make great posts as words can only explain so much. So, I felt that a video can make a great demonstration as it shows how techniques are done especially when it’s a how-to video. Techniques like this can very duplicable for amateurs. However, it would take much practice and time to master this or any kind of shot such as this or masse. In which case, they wouldn’t be considered amateurs anymore but more like skilled professionals. I hope to attract more people who are fans of shooting pool to come and read this post and this site.


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    sometimes pictures, or videos in this case, are better than words. this is the first time i have seen or read a post that explains everything, very effective.
    i remember the first time i was attempting this shot years ago. i nearly ripped the cloth! subsequent attempts led to nearly damaging the tip. i think i was successful once or twice, but never consistent. The video makes sense. i am going to follow it and see if i can. thanks for the post.

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      Hi Arif! Thanks for commenting. I feel that words can only explain so much. So, I’ve decided to post a video to explain everything while doing a demonstration. Hopefully, I can help people as yourself to not make any mistakes such as ripping the cloth on the felt. Once you have accomplished this move, I would like to hear your experiences. Well, I hope you’re able to master this move down pat, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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