Spikeball Tutorial

In regards to my previous post on the Spikeball Game Set I have provided a tutorial on how to play this game. I am hoping that you’ll gain some knowledge and that it enhances your game play. 

Without much of a summary, I have provided a mini e-book that you can check out by clicking here. It covers how to set up, how to score, making contact with the ball, how to serve, and infractions. These rules are essential to having a fun time to making the game of spikeball beneficial.

As an added feature, I have provided a video below that you can look at to get a clearer idea of how the game is played.

Well, I have gotten straight to the point about the rules spikeball. I know quite short of a post, but please share this on social media. Also, if you have any questions or comments, go ahead and add them in the comments section below. I will respond back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by!


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    Interesting new game which I have never heard of before. Where can you purchase this from, as I have never seen it in Walmart yet? Seems like it would be a big hit with youngsters as well as teenagers. Probably even volleyball players. Can this game be played with more than 4 players or is it just too crowded? Looks fun!

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      Hi Dan! Thanks for commenting on this tutorial. To answer your question about where to purchase a spikeball set, you might be able to get one at a sporting goods store such as Dick’s, Sports Authority, or Big 5. I am sure that playing spikeball can engage young people to have fun playing a friendly game of 2 vs. 2. Hehe, I am sure that more than 2 people can play this game at a time. If you do decide to get this set, I hope to hear what your experience when playing with this. Hope to hear from you soon, and spike on!

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    This is a great post. I love the fact that it is short and sweet. The video helps a lot. It covers a lot of what you did not write. I will share this post on all of my websites and social media platforms. I love pool and this makes me so excited.

    The Ebook is awesome as well. You are very knowledgeable about your niche.

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      Thanks Heathguy! Since the object of the game is already in the e-book. I thought I’d let people click the link and find all the information on how to play go there. I hope that it benefits you and anyone who is interested in playing spikeball. Thanks for stopping by, and have fun!

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