Golf Club Travel Bag Wheels

Are you looking for a carrying case to hold your golf clubs instead of having to carry them by hand all the time? I Golf Bag Travel Baghave just the thing for you. It’s what I call a “putter holder” that you can store when you’re playing the game of golf. It’s called the Golf Club Travel Bag Cover with 2 Wheels Black Oxford by Acheer.

These main purpose of golf club travel bag are to have features to protect the clubs from abuse and theft. They are generally safe and can pass through security in an airline. Travel bags are generally used by players who travel occasionally. The main travelers who play golf are business executives. The flight cases which are considered as ridged that enclose the actual golf bag are generally preferred by players who tour, as these cases can enclose any golf bag, are more inconspicuous and low-key as to their contents thus further preventing theft, and the case’s bulk and weight can be left behind while on the course where it’s not in use and won’t be needed.

About this golf club travel bag

The Golf Club Travel Bag Cover is 100% brand new. In addition, it’s built with wheels to eliminate back strain. It’s fully collapsible and here’s what you can also expect from this item:

  • Material: (U.S. Stock) Durable Waterproof 1680 Oxford Construction
  • 2 Skate Wheels for Easy Rolling
  • Large capacity
  • Total Length: 51.48inch; Width: 14.04inch; Height: 8.97inch
  • Comfort handles make it easy to carry; Over the top zipper for easy loading
  • One year limited warranty
  • Material: Oxford
  • Color: Black
  • Clasp Type: Zipper
  • Wheel(s): Two


This product received a 5 out of 5 stars from the 6 people who purchased the item. The reviews that were stated are: “Super strong, durable.” This review also stated, “It will last longer longer than I will.” I makes me a believer that it can go through some bumps down the road, but it is still advised to keep it from doing that just so it can last that long and possibly longer.

Another reviewer that rated this golf club travel bag 5 stars stated, “Great for all your golfing needs.” Not only is this travel bag considered high quality, but also many golf clubs with relative ease without so much of a drawback. Not only can you store your golf club(s) with this bag, but you can also put your golf balls, your house keys, and golf tees to name a few items. As long as there’s enough room, you shouldn’t have any problems fitting items in this bag.

In conclusion

I have covered everything there is to know about this this golf bag. I hope I gave you all the necessary information about this item and would look forward to hearing what you have to say about what is being mentioned on this post. Please share and add any feedback, questions, or comments in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to respond back as soon as possible. Thanks.

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    I believe what you have here is a great concept for transporting your golf equipment from place to place.

    My father loves to golf and finds it difficult at times with getting his equipment from place to place with what he is using at present.

    This travel bag sounds like the perfect choice to solve his problem.

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      Thanks Travis for the comment as I appreciate it. Yes, this kind of golf bag would make your father’s handling of golf equipment less of a hassle as it would be an all in one place without having to put it in separate bags, containers, or the like. I hope that this review gave you as much information that you need, and if you have any more questions that you want to ask, feel free and send a reply and I’ll get back to you with the best answers I can provide. Thanks!


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    Hi, it seems like that is one, good, sturdy golf club bag. I quite liked that you put reviews of different people who’ve bought it before. It’s always good to have a second opinion I think. You also provided a good deal of detail about the bag which I liked. Overall a very good product and definitely seems like it can do the job well. It comes across as a low-key, standard travel bag, It probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind whether there is anything expensive inside, just looking at it as a random person on the street. If I was into golfing I think I would probably buy it.

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      Hi ComfyCat, and thanks for commenting. This bag was the best that I saw on Amazon, and I try too put as much information as I can regarding this product. I sincerely hope that it will benefit anyone who plays the game of golf to consider getting this bag especially if they’re golf fanatics and do frequent leisure travel.


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