Billiard Room Lighting

Are you looking for that authentic feel when you’re playing the game of billiards at a pool hall with lights hanging over the pool table? Well, what I have here is called the Black Metal Ball Design Pool Table Light by Iszy Billiards. 

Now you can play as if you’re at an actual pool bar or saloon with this kind of lighting. Who knows, you might get lots of compliments with this product when you have friends and family come over to play a nice game of pool.

About the product

The dimensions and description of this billiard room lighting are as follows:

  • 59″ Pool Table Light billiard lamp – Quantity of 3 – 14″ black metal shades
  • 59″ black metal rod – Pool ball set mounted to lamp rod makes for a great addition to game room
  • Mounting hardware and instructions included – Adjustable chain for preferred hanging distance from ceiling
  • Recommended for 7 or 8 foot pool tables – Uses 3 60-watt bulbs (not included) – UL listed
  • Can install hard wired or plug in with adapter (not included) – A licensed electrician is recommended for installation
  • Shipping Weight: 40 pounds
  • Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN): B00EN6MMNA

Product reviews

This billiard room light received a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 customers who purchased the item. One reviewer stated this as being a “very stylish design which will impress friends, and at a price you can not beat!” So, not only will you have a decorative lighting fixture over your pool table, you’ll also be playing pool with style. In addition, this billiard light would make a great substitute if you’re not satisfied with your current one.

Another reviewer stated about this product, “Love the light! Easy install, very attractive (getting lots of compliments), also very functional (good light coverage). Shipping packaging was at the top of the game, everything was well secured and wrapped, shipped in two boxes, one with shades one with fixture.” This is to say that she would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

The Iszy Company

I have talked about this company when I’ve done a review on a billiards cue rack and a billiards chalk holder which are both manufactured by the Iszy Billiards Company. Iszy Company is dedicated to providing their customers with the best price available and services for the best possible products. They ship their products on the same or next business day. They believe in honest every day low pricing, and they do not mark up their products, then discount them 365 days of the year. They achieve this by purchasing all their products direct from the factory. They do not purchase from drop ship companies, and they are able to eliminate the middleman, have better control of their inventory, and ship out their products to their customers faster than their competitors.

In conclusion

I hope I have given you as much information as I can in regards to this product. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback. Please add them to the comments section, and I’ll respond back promptly. Also, please share this on social media. Thanks!

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    I like this lights! this things are dope! I think they are nice for my billiars room that I’m planning to build soon. I think they are just simple but cool looking. I like the plain black look of it. Does this thing compatible with LED lights? Any other products you can suggest for billiard lights? Is this bang for the buck? or worth the money?

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      Hi John! Thanks for the comment as I appreciate it. To answer your questions, this light is LED compatible as they work without getting too hot. These lights are worth the price of admission and would recommend to go in any game room provided that the ceiling is not too high up as the plug extension can only reach so far at 50ft. There is this lighting that I would also recommend as well. I hope I answered your questions. Let me know if you have any more, and I’ll do my best to answer them to the best of my ability.

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    Although me and my friends don’t play it professionally, we like to play billiards sometimes too. We often buy new equipment to play recreationally, so I was somewhat interested by the premise of this article. As I read on, I noticed that you brought up very good points and clearly stated why this billiard lighting is effective, even for an average player. Very good article!

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      Hi Christopher and thanks for the reply. I hope I have enticed you to consider something like this if or when you play the game of pool. I always strive to put the best possible items on my site so players can have the best satisfaction when playing on a pool table, air hockey, darts, or any form of gaming.

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    That looks like a sweet product!
    As for the review, I’d like to see a ballpark on the price and a bit more in terms of pros and cons. Are there any problems I could run into with this product? I mean it looks fine, but are there maybe better alternatives to it?

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      Hi Reinis

      I would like to say thanks for stopping by and replying to this post. To answer your questions regarding the price, at this time it costs $184.95 with an additional shipping cost of $40.55. As far as any problems that you might run into, the only main problem that I see is if your gameroom has a high ceiling, the plug outlet might not extend far as it can only reach at 50 inches. So, it’s advised that your ceiling is flat and low enough so the plug can reach the outlet. Also, if you already have a plug outlet on the ceiling, it would make this light a feasible product to have.

      As far as better alternatives to it, I see some that are bigger, but cost around $500+ and had lower ratings from customers, which is why I decided to post this instead. As I’m writing this review, I did find another lighting which cost $133.95 (+ no shipping). The only difference, other than the cost, is that there are no pool balls being displayed on top of the light and the metal shades are blue instead of black. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, feel free to send a reply, and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.


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