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Welcome to my site, Well, if you haven’t checked out my About Me page, you’ll see what this site is cropped-cropped-Billiards-Balls-1-1.jpgabout. Anyhow, the purpose of this post is going to be quite short and to possibly add more of a description of what this site is about.

This site is all about providing the best products in relation to not only billiards and pool, but also products that relates to other forms of gaming such as shooting basketball and street hockey.

Just for the record, I don’t want people to think that this site should only relate to just billiards and pool alone. It’s to provide as much gaming varieties as I feel that people like all sorts of sporting and gaming activities whether it’s to play or watch on a big screen television for their viewing pleasure. I’ll do my best to provide the best products in relation to these as much as possible.

Anyhow, this is all I have to say. Sorry if this post sounds like a rant, I just want people to know that this site is about more than just the billiards aspect alone as most people skip reading what this site is about in the About Me page, and simply assume that my site is “biased”.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say in the comments section below. Talk to you all soon.



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    I love billiards man. Never got to play better than just casually with friends here and there. However, i want to buy a pool table and maybe build a game room in my future house. I may consider joining some billiards club, in order to learn to play better and have practice. You inspired me man haha! I will be looking around for your recommendations and tips. Cheers!

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      Thanks for the comment, Antwnios! I found playing billiards to be such a fun and relaxing activity at a young age. Although, I still don’t consider myself a “pro” yet as I still continue to miss easy shots.

      I have items that you might consider adding to your game room such as neon signs, lighting, and a dartboard. Feel free to ask me anything on my site, and I’ll try my best to provide the best possible answer I can come up with. I look forward to seeing you around and hearing more comments to what you have to say.


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    That’s a really interesting idea. I have been flicking through your content and I find it very interesting.

    I have always wanted to get into Pool. I love the social aspect of it and I think that it takes hard work to get good at it. Which game do you think is best. 9 ball or 8 ball?

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      Thanks for the comment, Mark. I’m glad that you’re able to see what’s outside of just billiards and pool on this site. I would also like to add to your comment in saying that pool takes hard work to get good at AND dedication. This saying holds true in other activities as well such as playing golf and bowling.

      To answer your question, I feel more comfortable with 8-ball simply because I am more proficient at it, and I have more fond memories of playing this version of pool. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Maybe we can talk about pool or any other activities relating to gaming.


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